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Re: beaglebuddy zippy

>> That one is a pretty old development kernel, does my stable kernel do
>> the same thing?
>> http://rcn-ee.net/deb/lenny/v2.6.35.7-x6/
>> Install script:
>> http://rcn-ee.net/deb/lenny/v2.6.35.7-x6/install-me.sh
> Ok with that kernel and buddy=zippy the beagleboard boots and the rtc on the
> beaglebuddy now works (though I had to manually reconfigure the init scripts
> to use it)

Cool, good to hear that's working..

> The ethernet still doesn't seem to work though.
> [   20.766082] enc28j60 spi4.0: enc28j60 Ethernet driver 1.01 loaded
> [   20.858734] enc28j60 spi4.0: enc28j60 chip not found
> [   20.906494] enc28j60: probe of spi4.0 failed with error -5
> Any thoughts on what the problem could be?

Are you 100% sure it's a zippy with the Microchip enc28j60?  The
zippy2 is exactly the same layout except it uses a Micrel ksz8851
chipset. It'll say "Micrel/Tincantools.com" and "P/N
KSZ8851SNL-BBE-EVAL" on it..


Robert Nelson

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