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Re: Toshiba AC100

Hi Luke,

Am Freitag 22 Oktober 2010, um 12:42:35 schrieb Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton:
> .(..)
>  ok i found its mailing list archives (manually) - they're empty.
> reporting a bug is not possible because of "you must have an ac100
> kernel configured" bullshit launchpad logic.

the mailing list archive is empty, because there were no posts yet ...

>  the tree appears to have toshiba ac100 patches but on closer
> inspection it appears instead, at a cursory glance, to be nv-patches
> not ac100 patches.

The patches under 
are the patches against the eclair-9.12.12 branch from git://nv-
tegra.nvidia.com/linux-2.6.git which generate the same kernel source tree like 
the full one submitted by Toshiba. I didn't wanted to push another tree 
through my limited DSL line.

There is a full git cloneable tree at git://gitorious.org/ac100/kernel.git + 
some patches if you prefer this one.

>  so... i believe that the project could benefit greatly from knowing
> of the existence of the official gpl linux kernel code released
> officially by toshiba, but it is somewhat ... challenging shall we say
> to inform them of that fact.

For some reasons, Toshiba didn't wanted to make the GPL sources downloadable 
from their site. They instead prefered to send CD-ROMs with the source to 
everyone who asked for it.

It's great to see more and more dev's interested in this machine. 
Unfortunately, the kernel source from Toshiba is not very suitable for 
development for serveral reasons. This includes that the patches cannot be 
forward ported to a current kernel. Also they would still depend on 
proprietary user space programs (which may also not run on newer kernels), so 
personally I see this patches only as some kind of reference. 

IMHO, the tegra tree at android.git.kernel.org is more interesting, as it 
seems to be written from scratch with "mainline mergeability" in mind, but 
there is of course no support for the ac100 yet. 

On the other hand, there is support for the "harmony" reference board included 
(maybe limited, I don't know the current status) and the AC100 seems to be 
very similar to "harmony". So this tree is probably a better place (but more 
stony to start with). The tree at 
http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ac100/+junk/linux-tegra-2.6.36/files is based upon 
this branch and has some board files (for paz00, ac100 board name) added, but 
is does not boot.

Personally, I don't have the knowledge to do the port myself, but everyone is 
welcome to join the development, maybe you want to add yourself to the ac100 
team on launchpad and start hacking.



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