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Re: Re: Thecus N2100 installation fails

On Thu, Feb 04, 2010 at 02:42:29PM +0100, Tobias Frost wrote:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > I bought an used N2100 at the bay, and tried to install Debian,
> > following Martin Michlmayr's great instructions, but I fail.
> > After uploading the Debian firmware it prompts for the reboot, but
> > does not come up again. Also, the LEDs stop flashing after Redboot
> > tried to load the OS (that's a guess in fact).
> Thats fine, its a sign that the kernel indeed boots, but seems to stuck
> somewhere else, for example the network config?
> First thought is that LAN is not up or you expecting another IP address.
> Is the network LED blinking during boot? Can you use a network sniffer to
> see if dhcp packages are exchanged? Nmap'ed your LAN?

Yes I nmap'ed, as this is the subnet my DHCP server is
in (stock Linksys WAG200G). I configured the box with a static IP, and believed it would keep this configuration. Also,
after a few seconds all LEDs stop flashing.
When I am home, I will sniff for DHCP traffic.

> I think I had these issues as well when I installed my box, so I used a
> local dhcp server to "see" the exchange of the packages. I wrote also a
> howto that time:
> http://blog.coldtobi.de/1_coldtobis_blog/archive/166_installing_debian_on_the_thecus_n2100_--_part_1_--_preparation_for_install.html

Great howto, thank you! Why didn't I find it earlier? But what's
puzzling me is that you've written:
"ACPI events are catched by the installer, so the power button works."

It is definately not working for me, so maybe that's a hint, that the
kernel actually does not boot.

> Just another thought: Which LAN connection are you using. I am unsure if
> anything else than "LAN1" will work.

I am using LAN port 1.

> > I used official firmware 2.01.09 and 2.01.10, which run very well, but
> > installing Debian does not work. I would like to try an older official
> > Thecus firmware, but the oldest one I can find is 2.01.09.
> > At least the device itself seems to be ok, as the stock firmwares
> > don't give me any errors.
> As you are replacing the firmware, it is gone with the flashing of the
> installer. Therefore, it is independent of the original version.
> With very old firmware you cannot access RedBoot over ethernet, but that
> is the only difference I'm aware of.

OK, makes sense. So this is not the problem.

> > Maybe someone has a hint for me, or an older official firmware
> > available so I can try it? Did someone experience the same, or similar
> > problems?
> > Unfortunately I don't have a serial connection, so I cannot give further
> > debugging information.
> If you got a change to get one of these USB-serial adapters, this will
> probably will really help finding the problem. (They are only a few bucks
> though and might be handy if at a later time something is wrong -- for
> example my box once did an hickup as fsck thought it has found an
> corruption due "last mounted in the future" waiting for a desperate "Yes")

I have a serial port on my computer, that's not the problem, but
soldering the pins on my N2100. ;-)
Greetings, Kai

"In a world without walls and fences, who needs Windows and Gates?"

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