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Re: 8.9" CT-PC89E ARM netbook .... UPDATE 04 FEB 2010 12:00

On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 2:32 PM, Alejandro Mery <amery@geeks.cl> wrote:
>> i don't think they were
>> expecting geeks to be interested, which is the whole damn point!  i'm
>> a bit annoyed by the general thinking that "ARM != PC quality" so this
>> is kinda an important message to get across to factories: _yes_ people
>> want standard laptops and netbooks, with loads of RAM etc. just with
>> an ARM CPU, damnit! :)
> been "engineering samples"... what about the UART, serial port (even 2
> pins help a lot) and jtag reachability? =)

 alejandro, i'm really sorry but they just weren't expecting
engineering-types to be interested: they've written out translation
probably of chinese specifications handed to them by a customer, most
likely from a special order of 50,000 units or something, we _just_
don't know at this stage.

 basically when i get mine i'll immediately dismantle it and post
photos, but by ... well... almost already and definitely by tomorrow,
the window of opportunity to get these at cost (and get them this
month) will have passed.

 fortunately we know that they have a chinese version of gOS on it
(2.6.24 kernel), already, otherwise i simply would not be bothering
_at_ all, and certainly wouldn't have sent the message to debian-arm


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