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Re: 8.9" CT-PC89E ARM netbook .... UPDATE 04 FEB 2010 12:00

On Thu, Feb 4, 2010 at 2:47 PM, Alain Williams <addw@phcomp.co.uk> wrote:
> The boxen that we are getting use DDR1 RAM -- DDR1 is now more expensive
> than DDR2 -- to do with volume I suppose.

 basically, yes.

 ironically, the listed price of a Cortex A8 833mhz samsung S5PC100
($14.50) plus even as little as 128mb of DDR2 RAM is _less_ than the
price of the ARM11 S3C6410 ($11) with 128mb of DDR1 RAM.

 but, with the hold that samsung has over apple due to its
near-exclusive use in the iphone 3G, i think it's safe to say that
samsung is playing power games right now and is waiting to see what
happens.  if they make their own "iphone killer" then whoopsie, there
will be a fire at a factory somewhere in korea, o dear mr apple we
can't supply you the S5PC100, the core component of your phone this

so, everybody has to wait until the power games are over before they
can get S5PC100 CPUs, probably in the form of apple redesigning the
iphone 3G to use their own brand spanking new 1ghz A4 they're using in
the (already flopped) iPad.


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