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Re: CT-PC89E (s3c6410 netbook) - 8.9in 1024x600 LCD supplier has let them down, got better LCD instead.

On Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 4:21 PM, linux51 <linux51@bluewin.ch> wrote:
> Hi to all,
> Well LCD is not my first interest, i may live even w/o LCD,
> so having more RAM, say at list 512 MB , will be much usefully.
> My final usage is to put that board in a old laptop.
> Can I change LCD for more RAM ? that will be really nice !

 we can ask - but don't hold your breath, ok? :)  yes i really want
512mb RAM too, but as i think this is their first shipment ever of
this machine.... well, we can ask.

 btw, just so people know (taking advantage of the debian-arm cc) it
looks like we have at least 11 confirmed so far at the new price
(including JLB once adam sends the paypal thingy in about 10 hours).

 adam's going to put down 50% tomorrow. at the new price, that means
that they will guarantee the machines ready by saturday, for adam to
collect.  (because it means that someone can go out with cash and buy
the bloody LCDs!)

 if he gets another 4 confirmations by tomorrow morning (actually 10
hours from now) then he'll order 20, and if nobody wants them he'll
take them to markets in nepal and sell them there :)


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