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CT-PC89E (s3c6410 netbook) - 8.9in 1024x600 LCD supplier has let them down, got better LCD instead.

folks, i'm really really sorry, it seems that the CT-PC89E is such a
new product they're doing that they'd not paid anyone for the LCD
panels yet.  and that means that the stocks they were counting on, to
get the price we were quoted, have been sold to other people.  we're
now up to 20 people: if they supplied the machines at the previous
price that's simply more money they would lose.

they've found another type of LCD panel, but it's about $25 more
expensive.  they're sufficiently embarrassed by the mistake to offer
the netbooks at cost: after chinese new year they'll have to put the
price up accordingly when they start selling them in volume.

so, looking on the bright side: there's still an opportunity to get
something cheaper which will _become_ slightly more expensive, and,
reading between the lines, it'll be a better LCD panel than the other
one they found, anyway.

so - very very sorry, people, but: who's still in (and happy to pay an
extra $26.40), and who would like a refund?

all very awkward, i know - an interesting learning experience if
nothing else.  (and it's _still_ cheaper than an intel atom netbook,
and still interesting).

do let me know, people.  frans - you still get yours :)


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