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Re: Thecus N2100 Yes box

On Sun, Dec 20, 2009 at 05:48:45PM +0000, Derek Dongray wrote:
> I use mt-daapd on an NSLU2 running Debian to act as a shared library to
> iTunes and also use MediaTomb to serve media to other uPnP clients, but I
> haven't found anything on the iPod Touch which will act as a uPnP client.
> The Crossfire web app can 'sort of' stream music, but I haven't found an
> native streaming client. Have you located something suitable for the client
> end?
> -- 
> Derek.

An update: I found a new Ralink mini-PCI card (RT2561 based) which 
worked just fine for about £15

[Sparklan WL-850R Ralink 11G board from OxfordTec]

Following a couple of false starts, I've got Lenny on the N2100.
(It definitely helps to ssh in twice and use the second session to open 
the shell to fix the ntpdate / time problem as detailed in Martin 
Michlmayr's page at www.cyrius.com).

Empirically, it appears to be running fairly cool - I suspect the newer 
SATA drives are pushing out less heat than older drives.

Base system + build essential + rsync + apache there so far: mediatomb 
possibly to follow. [Apparently, on Windows at least, you could at one 
time tell the iTunes software to accept music from a shared source - 
hence the rationale behind the way that Thecus originally did this. I'm 
not sure that the latest iTunes does this.]

If not, it turns into a small, low powered Debian mirror server (which 
might not be a bad thing to take to any conferences - the second GB port 
could be used for PXE booting :) )

All best and thanks for the encouragement thus far,


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