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Thecus N2100 Yes box

I've just bought one of these second hand from a work colleague. It's 
all very well for what it does - but if I wanted to get it streaming 
wireless media for my daughter's new iPod Touch :) then I'd have to find
some out of production wireless card to fit the mini-PCI.

Easy RAID building - OK. Samba - OK. But I'm already thinking of 
scrapping the on board firmware in it for Debian. [It's got 2 x 320G 
SATA but is giving me less than 600G striped for some reason :( ]

That being said - any hints / tips? How would you handle an iTunes 
equivalent media stream? 

Thecus list two or three specific wifi PCI cards [two or three Ralink 
chipset with rt2561] or usb with Zyxel - any better ideas 
with Debian? Mini-PCI preferred as that's everything inside the box]

[iPod Touch and iTunes are copyrighted/trademarks of Apple Computer 
Corp. of Cupertino CA AFAIK - in England, you can't say Apple Corp. or 
the Beatles come gunning for you :) ]

All best,


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