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Re: Thecus N2100 Yes box

Twas brillig at 08:53:36 20.12.2009 UTC+00 when amacater@galactic.demon.co.uk did gyre and gimble:

 AMC> Easy RAID building - OK. Samba - OK. But I'm already thinking of
 AMC> scrapping the on board firmware in it for Debian. [It's got 2 x
 AMC> 320G SATA but is giving me less than 600G striped for some reason
 AMC> :( ]

Note that Debian kernel does not have some DMA patches applied due to
fact they are abandoned, not going to merged into mainline and known to
cause lockups sometimes. It sucks: hard disks performance suffer.

 AMC> Thecus list two or three specific wifi PCI cards [two or three
 AMC> Ralink chipset with rt2561] or usb with Zyxel - any better ideas
 AMC> with Debian? Mini-PCI preferred as that's everything inside the
 AMC> box]

Tried putting spare Intel ipw2100 into it out of curiosity - worked
fine, even without antenna.


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