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Re: FTBFS on armel: 'OV_CALLBACKS_STREAMONLY' undeclared

On 09/20/2009 07:13 PM, Joey Hess wrote:
> ARM hardware certianly has floating point hardware, and with EABI
> binaries can be built that use it on the otherwise softfloat system. 
> But different ARM systems have different FPUs, and so it would be very
> hard to get coverage for all/most of them.
> Luckily, I see in the bug report that vorbis upstream seems to have
> fixed the FTBFS.

I've packaged (and am about to upload) libvorbisidec (tremor) based on
upstream's svn revision 16259 (this covers the most recent changeset
from http://svn.xiph.org/trunk/Tremor)

However, the new package doesn't seem to resolve the FTBFS for mpd
15.3-1 on armel.

Indeed, there is no instance of OV_CALLBACKS_STREAMONLY in the tremor
source that i can tell.

So i'm probably misunderstanding something in the exchange above.  Joey,
can you point more specifically to the fix from vorbis upstream that
you're talking about?

sorry to be slow on the uptake here,


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