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Re: C54ru

En/na Arnaud Patard (Rtp) ha escrit:
Some usb device vendors tends to use the same name for devices with
differents wifi chipsets. lsusb tells me it's a rt73 chipset and I tend
to believe it's a better information than the device name. [1]

First of all, thanks, Arnaud, for enlight me ;-)

Yes, lsusb is better. If I run lsusb -v I obtain that I have:

- ID 14b2:3c22 Atheros Communications Inc C54RU
- connected to Bus 001 Device 004
- with idProduct 0x3c22 C54RU

Following this [http://cateee.net/lkddb/web-lkddb/RT2X00.html] 3c22 device has rt73lib driver, instead of 3c02 that has rt2570lib. In the rt2x00-project page, this detailed information is not present.

   3) Following
rt2x00-project has two flavors: enhanced Ralink legacy drivers and
rt2x00 drivers
   4) I supposed that rt2500, rt2570, rt61 and rt73 are all drivers
and rt2x00 is the new drivers (is it correct?)

yes, that's the idea even if I would say that the rt2x00 is the "family"
of drivers. For instance, for rt73 chipset, the legacy driver is rt73
and the rt2x00 driver is called rt73usb.

Definitively, the rt2x00 project is not clear.

And finally, where (or how) can I find rt73.bin on my system? This is
only if I want to do with the old driver?

iirc, the firmware is needed no matter you're using the legacy driver or
the rt2x00 one. For the firmware, look at the link on this page:


Mmm.... wow!. Can you see the reference of that? Why I have to use firmware in the new driver?. I think that new driver has no firmware dependencies.

Well, I will try it.

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