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I can't enter to slug


After having problems [http://lists.debian.org/debian-arm/2008/05/msg00094.html] I decided to reflashed slug. I used upslug2:

- I connected directly pc to slug eth0 cable
- I put slug in upgrade mode
- Run  # upslug2 --image image.backup
NSLU2 00:18:39:8a:77:7e Product ID: 1 Protocol ID: 0 Firmware Version: R23V63 [0x2363]
Upgrading LKG8A777E 00:18:39:8a:77:7e
   . original flash contents  * packet timed out
   ! being erased             - erased
   u being upgraded           U upgraded
   v being verified           V verified

   <status> <address completed>+<bytes transmitted but not completed>
   * timeout occured          + sequence error detected

Rebooting... done

- But now I can't access via ssh (my settings are ip static in slug and static in pc with the same mask connected to router)

What can I do?

Thanks a lot,

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