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Re: Reinstalling debian on n2100

Tobias Frost wrote:
>> Sorry to barge into this conversation, but I was wondering if you maybe
>> could share a few tips about how to configure aptitude on an NSLU2 so
>> it's not unbearably slow.
> The initial delay cannot be shortened by configuration. This are
> apperantly jobs that have to be done by aptitude. 
> However, there is lots that can be done "in the background"
> For example, I have the impression that apt-get update is faster than
> aptitude update. You can type "apt-get update && aptitude" and then
> simply do some minutes something else.

Actually, I've got a cron job set up that does an "apt-get update" every
few hours, as applying the diffs that accumulated over the course of a
few days takes another century... :)

> If you want to update, you would do aptitude -i to directly go to the
> installation page. Safes also some time. 
> In aptitude. go to the configuration menu. Disable everthing that smells
> like slow.
> I disabled all entries under "Dependency Handling", as it is sufficient
> to check them before downloading. 
> Also I disabled the entrie "show automatically why a package is broken.

Hmmm... doesn't exactly look like that will make the UI more responsive
as far as scrolling the list is concerned... :/

> Another hint: Activate "Advance to the next item after changing a
> package state". This allows you to change the package state more
> convinient, for example if you want to mark a lots of pacakges
> automatically installed, you only have to press "M" the several times,
> and aptitude will have the results sooner.... 

True, but it's easy to overshoot the last package.

I wish there were some kind of remote aptitude mode where you could get
all neccessary data from some remote machine while doing all the hard
work on something beefier than the NSLU2...

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