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Re: NSLU2 Install problems with 4.0r2

Dave Potts wrote:

Following up on my previous posting, I've got the /var/log/syslog off
the slug from my failed install.  I've put it on google docs at:


The relevant lines towards the end seem to be:

"Dec 29 21:34:12 base-installer: Err http://ftp.uk.debian.org etch Release.gpg
Dec 29 21:34:12 base-installer:   Could not connect to
ftp.uk.debian.org:80 (, connection timed out
Dec 29 21:34:12 base-installer: Reading package lists...
Dec 29 21:34:12 base-installer: Failed to fetch
http://ftp.uk.debian.org/debian/dists/etch/Release.gpg  Could not
connect to ftp.uk.debian.org:80 (, connection timed out"

The slug seems to think that ftp.uk.debian.org has an IP address of which is obviously wrong. It should be This suggests that there is something wrong with the DNS setup, either on the slug itself, or on the machine which it is using as a DNS server.

Given that you're picking up your IP address by DHCP, what values are being sent for the DNS server? What ends up in /etc/resolv.conf on the slug?


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