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Re: Please reschedule regina-normal/arm build

Hi again,

Thanks for rescheduling another regina-normal/arm build.  Unfortunately
it looks as though it crashed at the same point in the test suite as
last time.

I did try to reproduce this problem myself -- Martin Guy was good enough
to give me access to a box of his with enough oomph to actually build
the package (which leisner.d.o does not have).  When I built regina-normal
on his machine the test suite ran perfectly.

My problem at the moment is that AFAICT the arm build is the only thing
keeping the new upstream out of lenny.  In this case I can see two
options (though I'm all ears if someone has another idea):

- We find someone who is able to reproduce the crash, and we use their
  box for diagnosing the problem;

- I do a new upload that does not run the test suite when building on arm.

Whilst option (2) is a bit head-in-the-sand, it's also the only
practical option I can see if nobody can reproduce this crash manually.


(Please CC me on replies, since I'm not subscribed to debian-arm - ta.)


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