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Re: Please reschedule regina-normal/arm build

Ben Burton a écrit :
> Hi again,
> Thanks for rescheduling another regina-normal/arm build.  Unfortunately
> it looks as though it crashed at the same point in the test suite as
> last time.

It has been tried on hedges, which is the buildd which has the most RAM
(with a few others). So if the problem comes from there (which I doubt),
we won't be able to do better.

> I did try to reproduce this problem myself -- Martin Guy was good enough
> to give me access to a box of his with enough oomph to actually build
> the package (which leisner.d.o does not have).  When I built regina-normal
> on his machine the test suite ran perfectly.
> My problem at the moment is that AFAICT the arm build is the only thing
> keeping the new upstream out of lenny.  In this case I can see two
> options (though I'm all ears if someone has another idea):
> - We find someone who is able to reproduce the crash, and we use their
>   box for diagnosing the problem;
> - I do a new upload that does not run the test suite when building on arm.

What about still running the testsuite, but ignoring the errors?

> Whilst option (2) is a bit head-in-the-sand, it's also the only
> practical option I can see if nobody can reproduce this crash manually.
> Opinions?

I will try to reproduce the bug here, but my arm machine already have a
long queue of things to do, so that won't be before the end of the week.

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