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Re: Stalled Boot on NSLU2

Three questions:

1. Where do I get the .18 kernel image?
2. How should I go about flashing my slug (Reset Button/Upgrade mode + upslug2?)
3. How can I make sure my slug doesn't auto-update or something like
that in the future?

Thanks for the help!
- jake

On 9/24/07, Stefan Sommer <stefan.sommer@rettung.at> wrote:
> I had similiar problems after upgrading to a new kernel version
> (aptitude upgrade).
> I didnt even notice it till a power loss ocurred and the slug rebooted
> (the slug was running rock-stable for months). Symptoms were quite the same.
> The solution was to reflash the .18 kernel image. Now the kernel package
> is on hold on my slug (i favour a running system over a system "on the
> edge" ;)).
> Regards
> Stefan

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