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Re: hard disk performance on Allnet 6500 (like Thecus N2100)

* Oliver Kiddle <okiddle@yahoo.co.uk> [2007-07-11 11:27]:
> After installing Debian, I've found that the disc speed as reported by
> hdparm has gone down. Before, I was getting:
> Whereas now I get:
>  Timing cached reads:    60 MB in  2.00 seconds =  29.95 MB/sec
>  Timing buffered disk reads:   60 MB in  3.07 seconds =  19.53 MB/sec

Apologies for not answering your message back in July.  Paul Fryer
recently made me aware of that problem again and I looked at it today.
First of all, I see about the same peformance as you do.  Second, I
tried two tests with 2.6.22 to see what might make a difference but I
couldn't increase the performance:

 - First, I reverted that R_ERR on DMA activate FIS errata fix which
   you noticed in dmesg.  Reverting this fix does not increase

 - Second, I applied Intel's IOP patches from SourceForge but again
   they didn't help.

So I'm not quite sure why Debian with a modern kernel is much slower
to whatever Thecus' firmware was using.  If anyone else has any good
ideas I'd love to hear them.
Martin Michlmayr

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