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Re: Stalled Boot on NSLU2

* Jake McGraw <jmcgraw1@gmail.com> [2007-09-24 14:01]:
> 1. Where do I get the .18 kernel image?

although that really depends on the kernel you were running before.
If you write the kernel in flash and on disk don't match, your system
will definitely not boot and you'll have to reinstall or something.
I suppose you don't know what version you were running?

What does 'ls -l /boot' of your NSLU2 disk say? (Just connect it to a
PC and mount it there.)

> 2. How should I go about flashing my slug (Reset Button/Upgrade mode
> + upslug2?)


> 3. How can I make sure my slug doesn't auto-update or something like
> that in the future?

Don't run "aptitude upgrade" or "apt-get upgrade", but really, an
upgrade should not stop your box from booting.  Unfortunately, it's
pretty hard to say what might be going on when you don't have a serial

Martin Michlmayr

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