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NSLU2 installer fails, won't see pen drives

Hi, I'm trying to install Debian etch on a
NSLU2 but it won't work.  I uploaded it with
upslug2 and got the 3 beeps, then SSH'd in,
but the "download installer components" menu
fails for an unstated reason, and when I go
into a shell I find that there is no /target
and no /dev/sda* (in fact there is nothing in
/dev that looks anything like a disk), so I
assume it is failing to recognise my pen drive.
I tried another pen drive, and tried the other
slot, but no success.  Both pen drives are
recognised by my 2.4 sarge desktop, so they
can't be too awkward.  What do I do now?



Silas S Brown, Computer Lab Cambridge UK http://people.pwf.cam.ac.uk/ssb22

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