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Re: NSLU2 installer fails, won't see pen drives

Silas S. Brown wrote:
> Hi, I'm trying to install Debian etch on a
> NSLU2 but it won't work.  I uploaded it with
> upslug2 and got the 3 beeps, then SSH'd in,
> but the "download installer components" menu
> fails for an unstated reason, and when I go
> into a shell I find that there is no /target
> and no /dev/sda* (in fact there is nothing in
> /dev that looks anything like a disk), so I
> assume it is failing to recognise my pen drive.

No, if it's failing to download installer components, it's not yet at
the point of loading the kernel modules to detect your drive. Because
it has failed to download them.

> What do I do now?

Figure out why it failed to download the installer components. There
will be something in the log. Or just try a different mirror.

see shy jo

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