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Re: Switch to Debian on Slug, problems with music streaming

On Tue, May 22, 2007 at 10:54:13AM +0100, James Cummings wrote:
> Wasn't sure if here or nslu2-linux would be a better place to post, so
> thought I'd start here.
> I recently switched from using uNSLUng to Debian etch on my NSLU2.  I
> was entirely pleased with the upgrade and everything seems to be
> working fine.  Except...
> Previously I used to stream music (from an FTP site on the NSLU2) to
> my iplayer+ freeview (terrestrial digital television) box.  It just
> reads the FTP site and gets music from there when playing it.  This
> still works, but in the middle of almost every song there is now a 1
> second pause.   I'd assume it has something to do with buffering and
> the switch to wu-ftpd as opposed to tftpd (I think) under uNSLUng.
> However, I've looked through wu-ftpd settings and can't find anything
> that looks out-of-place.  I was wondering if anyone else had any
> experience with a similar problem after switching to debian on the
> NSLU2 or suggestions of where else to look for solutions?  The only
> major changes have been the switch to debian and wu-ftpd.

Out of all the ftp deamons available on debian, wu-ftpd is probably the
last thing I would consider using.  Try another one.  There are plenty.

Any chance you switched filesystems as part of the change?

Len Sorensen

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