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Re: Switch to Debian on Slug, problems with music streaming


El Tuesday 22 May 2007 12:54:13 James Cummings escribió:
> Hiya,

> However, I've looked through wu-ftpd settings and can't find anything
> that looks out-of-place.  I was wondering if anyone else had any
> experience with a similar problem after switching to debian on the
> NSLU2 or suggestions of where else to look for solutions?  The only
> major changes have been the switch to debian and wu-ftpd.
> Thanks for any suggestions,

I'm using vsftpd with my NSLU2 and it is working really well.

When I was looking for ftp servers, I found that vsftpd is one of the smaller 
and faster servers, and it never failed to me.

Debian has a lot ftp servers available, you can try another one to see if the 
problem is caused/triggered by wu-ftpd or from any other thing.

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