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Re: alternative Webserver as Apache

On Tue, 2007-05-22 at 08:15 +0100, Jon Ervine wrote:
> On Tuesday 22 May 2007 07:53:29 Dirk Schleicher wrote:
> > Hello there,
> >
> > I looking for a small alternative of a webserver with php and mysql for
> > my slug.
> > What can I use instead of Apache? But it has to be compatible to
> > mentioned above.
> lighttpd might be worth a look.

I've been using lighttpd with php and mysql for about four months now on
a slug. I'm very impressed with it. However, What do you (OP) mean when
you say 'it has to be compatible to mentioned above'? You can be assured
that sites which only need php and mysql (almost every cms, gallery or
whatever out there) will run on lighttpd. However, the server
configuration is totally different. There is lots of info on the
lighttpd wiki pages http://trac.lighttpd.net/trac/wiki/Docs. When you
install, say, gallery2 on your debian server, it won't work out of the
box. Gallery2 comes with a configurator script for apache*, but not for
lighttpd. However, reading through the lighttpd docs, you'll get it up
and running in no-time.

Good luck,


> Jon

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