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Switch to Debian on Slug, problems with music streaming


Wasn't sure if here or nslu2-linux would be a better place to post, so
thought I'd start here.

I recently switched from using uNSLUng to Debian etch on my NSLU2.  I
was entirely pleased with the upgrade and everything seems to be
working fine.  Except...

Previously I used to stream music (from an FTP site on the NSLU2) to
my iplayer+ freeview (terrestrial digital television) box.  It just
reads the FTP site and gets music from there when playing it.  This
still works, but in the middle of almost every song there is now a 1
second pause.   I'd assume it has something to do with buffering and
the switch to wu-ftpd as opposed to tftpd (I think) under uNSLUng.
However, I've looked through wu-ftpd settings and can't find anything
that looks out-of-place.  I was wondering if anyone else had any
experience with a similar problem after switching to debian on the
NSLU2 or suggestions of where else to look for solutions?  The only
major changes have been the switch to debian and wu-ftpd.

Thanks for any suggestions,


James Cummings, Cummings dot James at GMail dot com

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