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Re: arm eabi port available (was: Re: arm eabi port, patches)

2007/1/12, Lennert Buytenhek <buytenh@wantstofly.org>:

Excellent. Works perfectly for me on real armv4t hardware with no FPU
(using the angstrom EABI kernel)

Code speed/size comparison compared to old ABI using lame to encode an MP3:

Debian arm: 68 minutes (on a 200 MHz machine with an FPU that you can't use)
Debian armel: 4 minutes 17 (on a 233 MHz machine with no FPU)

It also successfully compiles to maverick crunch code (with a few gcc
segfaults... but you can work round those for now compiling those few
.c's with softfloat then linking them together, ahh bliss!)
I'll be able to run that when I get 2.6 working on this TS7250...

fantastic. Wot a relief :)


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