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Re: arm eabi port available (was: Re: arm eabi port, patches)

On Sat, Jan 13, 2007 at 12:39:52PM +0000, Martin Guy wrote:

> >        http://armel.applieddata.net/developers/linux/eabi/armel-root-fs.tar.bz2
> Excellent. Works perfectly for me on real armv4t hardware with no FPU
> (using the angstrom EABI kernel)

Yay.  What armv4t hardware are you using?

> It also successfully compiles to maverick crunch code (with a few gcc
> segfaults... but you can work round those for now compiling those few
> .c's with softfloat then linking them together, ahh bliss!)

gcc support for Crunch kind of sucks.  If you ask Cirrus about this,
they'll tell you to use their gcc 3.3 (or was it 3.4?) fork, which
apparently does have a bunch of patches to address missing erratum
workarounds, but that isn't much help in case you want to use EABI.

> I'll be able to run that when I get 2.6 working on this TS7250...

ep93xx is one of the platforms I tested for (and the reason why I
built everything for armv4t.)

> fantastic. Wot a relief :)

Glad it works for you.

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