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Re: debian-etch and ssh disconnects

On Thu, Jan 11, 2007 at 10:01:04PM -0800, Marc Singer wrote:
> I just installed debian-etch to a slug so I can use it for
> development.  It has the peculiar habit of disconnecting my ssh
> session when I do work, e.g. compiling, installing packages.  Another
> console that is just used to watch the processes has no problems.  I
> have swap and it doesn't seem to use much more than 1MiB of swap in
> any case.
> This is with version of the kernel.
> Is this something others have seen?

I never really looked in to it, but my i386 systerm running sid will
often hang ssh sessions when I am doing dist-upgrade, usually either
while unpacking or while configuring.  It seems it never hangs while
doing anything else.  I can't think of any reason dpkg should make it
hang, but it happens almost every time (it may in fact happen every
time, I am not sure).  On the other hand I don't think my mythtv box
(also running i386 sid) has ever hung an ssh connection yet.  I wonder
what is different other than I am ssh'ing in from remote to the first
system sometimes, while I always ssh from the first system to the mythtb
system when doing updates.

Len Sorensen

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