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Re: qemu-friendly flavour of the ARM kernel

Martin Michlmayr a écrit :
> * Sam Hocevar <sam@zoy.org> [2006-12-13 14:04]:
>> As of now, no official ARM flavour can run in qemu, which prevents
>> us from using what could be an extremely cheap and easy to deploy
>> development platform. Qemu however supports the versatile platform, and
>> adding a kernel for it to the archive is just, as far as I understand, a
>> matter of uncommenting that flavour. Is it too late for that?
> It's a problem of build resources.  I won't enable the Qemu kernel

Would a faster buildd, such as the one offered by Bill Gatliff [1], fix
the problem of build resources?

Bill, any news from debian-admin?

[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-arm/2006/11/msg00008.html

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