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Re: Failure of Debian installer on NSLU2

On Wednesday 13 December 2006 10:27, Laz wrote:
> On Tuesday 12 December 2006 22:09, Martin Michlmayr wrote:
> > * Laz <laz@club-burniston.co.uk> [2006-12-11 14:24]:
> > > Has anyone got any suggestions for what to try next, apart from
> > > putting a serial console on it to see what is happening? I know I
> > > can reflash it with SlugOS and install Debian from that but I'd much
> > > rather do it "the proper way" if possible to help test this out.
> >
> > Maybe you gave your name an invalid hostname and d-i has stopped
> > because of that.  This is a bug someone reported to me recently and
> > which got fixed after rc1.  Apart from that, I've no idea what might
> > be wrong in your case.
> Possible, I suppose. I haven't touched the hostname from the default
> (whatever that may be!). I will try setting it to a 'proper' hostname
> later on to see if that makes any difference...

Well...setting the hostname had no effect.

However, after several flashes of the Debian, SlugOS, and Linksys firmware (in 
no particular order!), and resetting the Slug to its default settings from 
the Linksys web interface, it eventually worked! 

Hard to know exactly what sorted it (could have been the default configuration 
thing) but the installer is now running...looking good so far.




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