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Re: APEX and Debian

On Tue, Jul 18, 2006 at 03:20:15PM -0700, Marc Singer wrote:
> Have I missed anything?  Do we want to copy more than 2M of kernel?
> We could copy 3.5MiB (4MiB - 256KiB - 128KiB - 128KiB) which is
> everything except for Redboot, the sysconf block, and APEX.

I got this wrong.  I mistakenly thought we only had 4MiB of flash, but
we have 8MiB.  So, it is reasonable to put two kernel images in flash
such that one is a backup in the event that the main one fails.

Once we get the second stage working properly, I'll implement
something so that the user can switch to a backup image by holding the
power button (or something like it) during startup.  This means we'll
have 7.5 MiB/2 for each kernel w/initramfs which I hope is enough.

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