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Re: APEX and Debian

On Wed, Jul 19, 2006 at 08:52:00AM +0930, Rod Whitby wrote:
> Marc,

> Do we want to leave a little more room for future versions of APEX
> which have more functionality (i.e. Networking support and usb mass
> storage support, even NFS rootfs support ...) that might take more
> than the space you currently have allocated?  

The block size on the flash part used in the nslu2 is 128KiB.  The
largest version of APEX that I've built to date is about 80KiB which
includes a networking stack and FS drivers for EXT2, JFFS2, and FAT.
Even with the IXP network driver based on this new work, I don't image
it will be as large 128KiB.

Moreover, if we had to move it, it wouldn't be a big deal to do so.
And at that point we can probably replace Redboot with APEX since it
will have all of the functionality of Redboot.

> Is the start location and size of the kernel in flash able to be
> configurable (e.g. by something in sysconf, or something in the last
> block)?  

It *could* be.  APEX has a concept of an environment that is stored in
flash.  If you wanted to use part of the sysconf space for this, that
would be easy to configure.  I'm not sure how you would want this to
work as sysconf, I thought, was managed by a userspace tool.

APEX is configurable at build time the same way the Linux kernel is
configured.  Almost all of these parameters are set in the config
file.  All we would need to do would be to create a config for SlugOS
that has the features you want.

> Let's also keep the goal of using these things for SlugOS
> (i.e. outside of Debian scenario) ... everything looks good so far
> for that, as long as we can access the source from an OpenEmbedded
> build ...

I though that there there was already a build in OE.

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