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Re: madplay on ARM926EJ-S versatile board

Shakthi Kannan <mr46genes@yahoo.com> wrote:
> 1. Is there any documentation on how we can build our
> own cramfs for the target ARM926EJ-S on a Debian
> system?
> I have Debian Sarge for x86. I can setup the
> CodeSourcery toolchain. How can I create the cramfs
> for target ARM?

(I suspect you mean how to cross-compile applications for your target

In the past I used the dpkg-cross package from Debian with qemu (and
binfmt) executing ARM binaries on the x86 machine. There are some
simple binaries created usually by the configuration scripts to test
different things but without qemu, they would fail to run.

Everything was fine until I tried to use the latest toolchain provided
by CodeSourcery (with the new ARM EABI). Mainly because of the TLS
(Thread Local Storage) support expected from the kernel, qemu fails to
run ARM binaries on x86, so the above is no longer valid. One option
would be to track down all the cases where the configure scripts try
to execute applications. There is another option -
http:/www.scratchbox.org/ - and you can configure it to run the ARM
binaries on a target (since you already have a working filesystem for
your platform).

You might also need to modify dpkg-cross if you want it to cope with
the compiler name (arm-none-linux-gnueabi-gcc, dpkg-cross expecting
something like arm-linux-gcc).

Have a look at http://oe.handhelds.org/ and http://www.emdebian.org/
as well.


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