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Re: madplay on ARM926EJ-S versatile board

Shakthi Kannan <mr46genes@yahoo.com> wrote:
> --- Catalin Marinas wrote:
>> The pre-built one doesn't have the dpkg database
>> initialised and this is why it fails.
> Yes, I used the pre-built base.cramfs provided at:
> http://www.arm.com/linux/linux_download.html

Note that this filesystem was compiled with the new ARM EABI toolchain
from CodeSourcery. The pre-built packages downloaded from Debian won't
run on it, you would need to re-compile them.

> As far as creating a new cramfs and adding files,
> there is no problem. I have tried it using:
> mount -o loop -t cramfs <image> <mount point>
> cp -r <mount point> <new directory>

'cramfsck -x' does this step for you, you just need to be 'root' so
that the devices are preserved.

> mkcramfs <new directory> <image name>
> I don't mind even if you can just send me a statically
> compiled movie player that can run on this board.

Unfortunately, I don't have any, otherwise I would have added it to
the pre-built filesystem.


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