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Re: Woody base-install, reboot - no inittab...

On Mon, 9 May 2005, Lennart Sorensen wrote:

> You found woody arm CDs lying around?  What kind of company do you work
> for?  x86 woody cds are all over the place, but arm?

Oh, that's simple - a company, building ARM-based devices, running Linux 
(http://www.dsa-ac.de), there are a few of them around.

> Well woody never did support 2.6 kernels, but some people made
> unofficial updates that allowed it to run with 2.6 kernels.

Yeah, I know, that's exactly what I meant - some unofficial deb packages 
floating around... I certainly can compile the stuff myself - but that was 
one of the reasons to install a proper distro - to have everything under a 
package management control. Yeah, could try to build a deb myself - never 
tried that before, shouldn't be too difficult though.

> As for 2.6 on arm, I am not quite sure what the state of it is.
> Certainly a lot of work is going in to it, but not all the systems are
> necesarily working yet.  The arm-linux mailing list is probably your
> best place to find answers for that.

Don't think so. There mostly distribution-neutral questions are discussed, 
although, sometimes distro-specific appear too - as slightly off-topic.

> You certainly want to go to Sarge
> before trying though to avoid too much hassle.

Yep, will look into it.

Guennadi Liakhovetski

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