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Woody base-install, reboot - no inittab...

Hi everyone

I'm trying to install woody (3.0r1) on an ARM platform, it is all mostly 
hackish, own kernel, I just want to set up a "proper" complete Linux 
distro for ARM with a compiler, package-management, etc., something a bit 
more than busybox. So, I booted my kernel with an NFS-mounted 
boot-"floppy", the installer started, I managed after several attempts to 
go through the base-installation, either installing on an NFS mount, or on 
a local CF (no PCMCIA). I also performed the "kernel-install" (of course, 
I am not going to use that kernel, just to satisfy the installer), and 
"make system bootable", because I hoped that then the system will really 
become complete and ready for the reboot and further installation - but 
alas. /etc/inittab and all contents of /etc/rc* is missing. I found one 
more post on the internet about the same problem, and no suitable reply. I 
could get some scripts from somewhere, the problem is - I don't want to 
just boot this system, I want the 2 stage installer to start, then choose 
packages, etc. - the usual thing. Well, I can now boot into the shell, 
shall I just start the 2nd stage manually from there?

CC to my email will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Guennadi Liakhovetski

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