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Re: Woody base-install, reboot - no inittab...

Hi and thanks for the replies

On Mon, 9 May 2005, Joshua Malone wrote:
> Is there any particular reason you're installing Woody?  I've found that the

Yeah - I found some Woody CDs at work, and downloading complete 
distributions over a 56k modem is not my favourite entertainment:-)

> latest release candidate of the debian-installer for Sarge is vastly improved,
> especially on platforms that it doesn't explicitly know about.

Well, I hope I will be able to try that soon - I've got Sarge running on 
all my (PC) systems so far - looks pretty good.

As for my ARM - Woody results - I've managed it. As the init complained 
about not finding the inittab and asked for a boot-level, I entered "S", 
and got a shell prompt! Then I started installing packages by hand 
guessing the order with dpkg starting with libc6... It went ok, until some 
of the packages started failing with an error something about 
"install-info failed: no such file or directory". Digging around, I found 
out, that /usr/info/dir was missing. So, I copied the header from my PC, 
then it went further. And I've installed apt-get. After that it was easy - 
with NBD and apt-cdrom I added all CDs from my PC, at some point around 
apt-get install -f magically appeared inittab and rc*.d links.

So, now I have a running Woody system on my PXA board with 
package-management, native compilation with 2 compilers and all the 
rest! I only had to recompile the kernel, well, fewer than 10 times, and 
reboot the thing, maybe 25 times?:-) It's now running under 2.6.11... BTW, 
is there an update somewhere available for Woody for 2.6  for ARM? I 
remember there was such a thing for x86...

Thanks to all
Guennadi Liakhovetski

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