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Re: Debian-Installer beta 4 released for 9 architectures

In message <200405132159.10184.lists@peter-teichmann.de>
          Peter Teichmann <lists@peter-teichmann.de> wrote:

> I would like to help you with d-i for the RiscPC. I f you give me some help
> for a start, I could do that.

I wish I had time to work on d-i at all.  If you want to help with it,
I suggest you liase with Vince.  Apart from d-i stuff, I still have to

2.6 port for Iyonix (d-i support is essentially identical to RiscPC)
Proper RiscPC Kinetic support in Linloader
Kernel Kinetic support
RiscPC drivers that have suffered bitrot over the last few years
(ICSIDE, Ether3)
I would like to do a Viewfinder driver, but I don't have enough info
Finalise RapIDE v1 support (v2 is done), then port that to 2.6
Add support for Blitz IDE
ADFS read crashes
ADFS write support (modifying files only)

Castle have also offered to anyone who's interested technical details
on any of their RiscPC podules so drivers can be done.  You should
contact John Ballance directly if this is you.

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