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Re: Debian-Installer beta 4 released for 9 architectures

In message <200405132139.33971.lists@peter-teichmann.de>
          Peter Teichmann <lists@peter-teichmann.de> wrote:

I have not actually tried d-i on RiscPC, however:

> * After chosing the keyboard layout, the keyboard does not work anymore. This
> is probably because normal x86 keymaps are used. You can do that, but then 
> you have to use a 2.6 kernel. Otherwise use acorn keymaps. I'd recommend a 
> 2.6 kernel. I restarted the installer and did not select a keymap.

Ye olde keymap problem.  Same on b-f (although you can skip it).  I
think this can probably be fixed easily enough.

> * Searching for CDROM fails. The reason is probably that the initrd.gz does
> not contain any of the kernel modules tried to find a CDROM

Same in the mainline Debian b-f.  I expect this is because the RiscPC
config is old and smelly.   This is probably up to me to sort with

> * The d-i documentation for arm is buggy. It suggests that there is a zip
> archive /debian/dists/sarge/main/installer-arm/current/dinstall.zip. This is 
> not existing.

This would of course contain linloader and the other RISC OS stuff had
it been there.

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