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Re: Debian-Installer beta 4 released for 9 architectures

I was successful to boot d-i on my SA-RiscPC now with the new linloader. But I 
did not get far:

* After chosing the keyboard layout, the keyboard does not work anymore. This 
is probably because normal x86 keymaps are used. You can do that, but then 
you have to use a 2.6 kernel. Otherwise use acorn keymaps. I'd recommend a 
2.6 kernel. I restarted the installer and did not select a keymap.

* Searching for CDROM fails. The reason is probably that the initrd.gz does 
not contain any of the kernel modules tried to find a CDROM

* It suggested then to try a network install (I would prefer this anyway) but 
there is no possibility to do so.

* The d-i documentation for arm is buggy. It suggests that there is a zip 
archive /debian/dists/sarge/main/installer-arm/current/dinstall.zip. This is 
not existing.

Peter Teichmann

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