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Re: Debian-Installer beta 4 released for 9 architectures

Am Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2004 21:45 schrieb Peter Naulls:
> Ye olde keymap problem.  Same on b-f (although you can skip it).  I
> think this can probably be fixed easily enough.

I would suggest to use a 2.6 kernel. On my RiscPC, 2.6.0-rmk2 together with 
all the patches I submitted to rmk's patch system does a good job. For 
instance the keyboard is working properly also in XFree86. And with a slight 
modification to the fbdev driver to make use of the rgb offset, I can even 
use 16 and 32bpp for X. And sooner or later you have to move to 2.6 anyway.

> > * Searching for CDROM fails. The reason is probably that the initrd.gz
> > does not contain any of the kernel modules tried to find a CDROM
> Same in the mainline Debian b-f.  I expect this is because the RiscPC
> config is old and smelly.   This is probably up to me to sort with
> Vince.

Not really, I just used it for a fresh woody install to upgrade to sid, and 
everything went ok.

I would like to help you with d-i for the RiscPC. I f you give me some help 
for a start, I could do that.


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