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Re: Debian-Installer beta 4 released for 9 architectures

Am Donnerstag, 13. Mai 2004 10:46 schrieb Peter Naulls:
> In message <200405130226.48840.peter@peter-teichmann.de>
>           Peter Teichmann <peter@peter-teichmann.de> wrote:
> > It seems to be a problem with linloader (0.35). I tried Russel King's old
> > trusty !Linux (3.38). Now booting works fine (even with root=/dev/ram).
> > After that I played a bit around with the Simms. I tried the following
> > combinations (Sim0/Sim1) with linloader:
> That is an archaic version of linloader with lots of issues.  Have a
> look at the version I'm shipping with boot-floppies:
> http://www.chocky.org/linux/

It seems to work fine. But where is the official home of linloader now? And 
why did this version not find it's way into the official Debian installer? It 
is not obvious that one shall look to www.chocky.org/linux in order to 
install Debian.

Thank you,
Peter Teichmann

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