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Re: queries re ARM port

Wookey wrote:
> OK, I've spent a couple of evenings reading the docs and trying to grok the
> whole thing. I think I've mostly got it but I have a few questions:
> 1) Some .cfg files in build/config/ specify MEDIA_TYPE instead of TYPE.
> Type seems to be the main things that decides which package lists are used,
> but I don't quite see how it works with MEDIA_TYPE - can someone explain the
> difference?

MEDIA_TYPE is a medium length English representation of the type of boot
media. It is currently used only on some boot screens. For example
somewhere in the CD-ROM boot screen help texts it says "This is a Debian
${MEDIA-TYPE}". At the moment I think this is only used for i386 and
powerpc anyway.

> 2) I haven't worked out yet where I have to tell the system that I want to use
> a serial console. Does it need to be set in Cdebconf or in a kernel boot
> string somewhere? This feels like a dumb question, but wandering about
> hasn't answered it for me yet.

There is some code in rootskel that trys to work this out. See
rootskel/src/lib/debian-installer.d/S30term-linux and
S30term-linux-s390 may also be useful.

> 3)d-i 'doesn't support cross-compiling'. This makes life slightly harder for
> me, although it's better than bootfloppies, where native compiles took
> forever. Looking at it, I can't see that much needs to change to make this
> possible except getting the various instances of dpkg-architecture to give
> the right answers (which I think can be done with dpkg-cross). Then it
> should just get .udebs of the correct arch. Is there something I haven't
> appreciated about how it works which is going to make cross-compiling really
> tricky? If not I might try and get it working, just because it's convenient
> for me.

Library reduction?

see shy jo

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