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queries re ARM port

OK, I've spent a couple of evenings reading the docs and trying to grok the
whole thing. I think I've mostly got it but I have a few questions:

1) Some .cfg files in build/config/ specify MEDIA_TYPE instead of TYPE.
Type seems to be the main things that decides which package lists are used,
but I don't quite see how it works with MEDIA_TYPE - can someone explain the

I started adding some text on the bottom of build/README about what the
various makfile variables are for (as most of the job seems to be filling in
the right variables in your .cfg fragment so long as you don't want to do
anything too exotic) - a crib sheet for these would be handier than having to
work through the makefile and scrits to work out what to fill in. As I don't
know what I'm doing I am in danger of talking rubbish of course - feel free
to correct me, or add some more :-)

2) I haven't worked out yet where I have to tell the system that I want to use
a serial console. Does it need to be set in Cdebconf or in a kernel boot
string somewhere? This feels like a dumb question, but wandering about
hasn't answered it for me yet.

3)d-i 'doesn't support cross-compiling'. This makes life slightly harder for
me, although it's better than bootfloppies, where native compiles took
forever. Looking at it, I can't see that much needs to change to make this
possible except getting the various instances of dpkg-architecture to give
the right answers (which I think can be done with dpkg-cross). Then it
should just get .udebs of the correct arch. Is there something I haven't
appreciated about how it works which is going to make cross-compiling really
tricky? If not I might try and get it working, just because it's convenient
for me.

TIA (I'm away next week so nothing doing for a while - it's peter's turn for
a bit now :-)

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