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Re: queries re ARM port

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          Wookey <wookey@aleph1.co.uk> wrote:

> 3)d-i 'doesn't support cross-compiling'. This makes life slightly harder for
> me, although it's better than bootfloppies, where native compiles took
> forever. Looking at it, I can't see that much needs to change to make this
> possible except getting the various instances of dpkg-architecture to give
> the right answers (which I think can be done with dpkg-cross). Then it
> should just get .udebs of the correct arch. Is there something I haven't
> appreciated about how it works which is going to make cross-compiling really
> tricky? If not I might try and get it working, just because it's convenient
> for me.
> TIA (I'm away next week so nothing doing for a while - it's peter's turn for
> a bit now :-)

I'm actually pretty busy next week, but I'm following this as closely as
possible nevertheless.

The issue of cross compiling may or may not be of increasing
importance.  It's not as bad for me, as I have a relatively fast ARM
machine, and can compile everything on it natively for other ARM
architectures.  I don't know how feasable it might be to use
scratchbox, or the mechanisms Wookey has named.

Under boot-floppies, it was the documentation that took by far the
longest, although that only had to be done once.  It may well be that
we see an explosion of ARM architectures this year that can sensibly
run Debian, but on which compiling things like this might be suitably
tedious that there's increased demand for cross compiling.

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