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Re: debian-installer on arm status

+++ Peter Naulls [04-02-23 19:31 +0000]:
> In message <20040223185353.GB30148@derik>
>           vince@debian.org wrote:
> RiscStation, CATS, NetWinder are obvious choices.  But what about Shark
> - does anyone still care?   And LART - Wookey?  And do you care about
> d-i on BallonBoard?

I care about balloon - making that work will be valuable. LART less so, but
as it already has a working Ethernet+ IDE interface and nominal debian
support status I expect it's easier to get working than balloon, where the
most obivous config for debian-sized installs is USB+big CF card.

In both cases emdebian makes more sense than Debian, but that's still some
way off and tangential to this discussion.

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