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Re: debian-installer on arm status

In message <20040223104910.GA15886@azure.humbug.org.au>
          Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> wrote:

> It's time to get debian-installer ported to arm; all the major porting
> work should already have been done getting it to work on other arches,
> so what's left should be fairly straightforward.
> If you can't get this working, arm's status as a supported arch will
> have to be reviewed: there's no point releasing a distribution that
> can't be installed. (It'd be possible to release arm with a different
> installation toolset than d-i, but I can't imagine that'd be any easier
> or much more useful than getting d-i ported)

I will be able to look seriously at this in March, as I have a number
of interested parties who'd very much like to see this kind of

However, before I resubscribe to debian-boot, and part of the reason
I've avoided this issue somewhat, is that I'm far from familiar with D-I
(although know b-f quite well).  Can someone list the various issues
that need to be resolved, and point out if anyone is working on
anything for ARM d-i currently?  Vince?

I expect there will also have to be a decision about what sub-arches to
be supported.

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