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Re: debian-installer on arm status

In message <20040223185353.GB30148@derik>
          vince@debian.org wrote:

> While true to some extent I did get D-I to the point where I had
> working tftp images for winder, bast, riscstation. I tried to talk to
> #debian-boot about autobuilders and kernel-image builders and (as
> usual) got blown off, this was several months ago and my tree is now
> very very out of date so needs to be done again...

Can we have a consensus on what hardware we still care about,
especially in reference to b-f support?

I will be looking after/testing Iyonix and RiscPC for the foreseeable
future, and probably one other new platform that's currently in
development, but I can't name yet.

RiscStation, CATS, NetWinder are obvious choices.  But what about Shark
- does anyone still care?   And LART - Wookey?  And do you care about
d-i on BallonBoard?

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