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Re: debian-installer on arm status

Peter Naulls wrote:

In message <20040223185353.GB30148@derik>
         vince@debian.org wrote:

While true to some extent I did get D-I to the point where I had
working tftp images for winder, bast, riscstation. I tried to talk to
#debian-boot about autobuilders and kernel-image builders and (as
usual) got blown off, this was several months ago and my tree is now
very very out of date so needs to be done again...

Can we have a consensus on what hardware we still care about,
especially in reference to b-f support?

I will be looking after/testing Iyonix and RiscPC for the foreseeable
future, and probably one other new platform that's currently in
development, but I can't name yet.

RiscStation, CATS, NetWinder are obvious choices.  But what about Shark
- does anyone still care?   And LART - Wookey?  And do you care about
d-i on BallonBoard?


This is an interesting question. Is DI just for desktop/laptop style systems, or is/will it be used to
bootstrap a small initial kernel onto all sorts of embedded (arm) boards?

If DI is for a select few machines, then maybe a DI_lite ( or it's equivalent) can be developed just to get a few things, such as serial port, ethernet tftp, etc working on wide variety of Arm_boards? It would be especially nice to list the development (arm) boards from a variety of vendors that can boot up a mininal embedded-linux kernel and minimal debian distro, that maybe only works in console mode or across a serial or ethernet link. Another option is to put DI onto Compact Flash/smart_media
for booting.

Sorry, I did not mean to ramble, but  it comes natural.


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